Dear libs and/or Democrats of the USA (cons and Republicans too),

The fifth Republican debate came and went and Trump still leads. According to David Graham from The Atlantic: “Five debates in, Trump doesn’t make any more sense than he did at the start, but it remains impossible to turn away from him. So far, Republican primary voters can’t or won’t.”

Are you still laughing? Do you still feel that sense of intellectual and moral superiority whenever you come up with a new Trump meme? Or are you finally ready to actually DO something about it? Something like forgetting about Trump for a bit and engaging Trump FANS, for example? Trump is just a man; what you should be worried about is the thousands upon thousands of your countrymen and countrywomen swarming out of the woodwork to heed his call, feeling relieved that at long last they can wear their hatred and their feelings of superiority out in the open. Even now you waste precious time explaining away statistics, polls and debate results. No one wants to accept the hard truth of the deterioration of the GOP base, as Ali A. Rizvi has so eloquently surmised: “[Donald Trump] is the only candidate who has recognized, very honestly, the kind of audience he’s dealing with. And the bigoted, xenophobic rhetoric he is giving them is exactly what they want.” You cut the pathetic figure of one unwilling to see, refusing to listen. It’s like everybody has agreed to simultaneously be in denial: the media, the pundits, the other candidates, you… Are you sure that’s the best move? Will you keep doing that later, after he wins the primary (perish the thought) and runs against Bernie or Hillary? (Hey, Dems, will you pick socialist Bernie or corrupt Hillary? That’s another doozy!)

I’m just thinking aloud here, but maybe this is the United States that you deserve: a ramshackle junkyard of vociferous racists and fascists, armed to the teeth, at the service of Wall Street parasites. A corporativist, fascist state held together by an ideology of racial purity and led by a real state goon. To me that seems of a piece with the path the United States has been treading since 9/11: destroying entire foreign societies under spurious pretexts or fabricated “evidence”; bailing out delinquent corporations that feed off the middle class and the poor; always stopping short of actually doing something about climate change; humoring religious fanatics; protecting the sacred right of citizens to bear arms and assault weapons; defunding education; exploiting undocumented immigrant labor; sucking Puerto Rico dry and then letting it rot; growing accustomed to mass shootings; nurturing and celebrating sectarianism; funding and training future terrorists; having the dubious honor of being the only enduring colonial power to have territories overseas populated by second class citizens and non-citizens; siccing its police force against its black population with genocidal insistence, and more and more and more… Anybody could confidently say that, either you have done NOTHING to effectively avert any of this, or that you have done everything you could, and still failed. Neither alternative is flattering.

But maybe I’m wrong. If I am, I have a simple enough request: please explain to me how your actions, initiatives, behavior and political participation, activism and achievements make Trump’s unstoppable rise AN ABNORMAL OUTCOME.

No gymnastics, please.

I’ll wait…